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Apple and the iPhone – When the Customer doesn’t Matter…

“…because we’re too good for you…”

That is the vibe I get from Apple with this whole iPhone 3G shortage fiasco, or circus…

Everyone that reads my blog posts here knows that I have been quite disappointed with the customer care at Apple and their attitude towards the shortage and their customers. Well, today I got the “icing on the cake” on “great” policies from Apple.

I had “backordered”, that is, stupidly let AT&T charge my credit card for an iPhone that was going to be shipped to the store for me in 10-20 days — which was shipped in a week’s time (today). I got an email alert and went there to grab the iPhone, of course, not so excited to have it anymore. Not after waiting in line once at the Palo Alto store when I was in CA for an hour to find out “my corporate” discount wasn’t going to transfer, left the line and canceled the discount… got back in line the next day (it was too late that same day) and found out that my wife is the primary account holder and they couldn’t sell it to me even though I had proof of our relationship and her documents… mmm… leaving that alone (I already blogged about it)…

Back to the AT&T store: I got there, did everything and left with my iPhone. As soon as I called my wife (should have been me… seriously) I noticed there was a little “ringing” in the voice and all… I went back to the store: defective! So, I learned Apple doesn’t even ship enough iPhones to AT&T stores in case of a defective device like mine. Two options: get a refund and go back to the “backordering” process after re-chargin my credit card OR going to the Apple Store to replace the unit. I asked the AT&T guy to call Apple to find out if they had at least enough replacement units. THEY TOLD HIM THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY WHETHER THEY HAVE iPHONES OR NOT, if that is the case!!!! Now, what kind of stupid store can’t even say whether they have more units or not (once they find out a costumer has a defective unit)???? Apple is STUPID, “geniuses”!!! Seriously: they wanted me to drive to the store to then FIND OUT THE SAME WAY I WOULD OVER THE PHONE if they have or not iPhones to replace mine!!! What kind of crappy policy is that?! Costumers in the first place! Apple got it all “right”! If it wasn’t an excellent device (with it’s flaws and all), I wouldn’t have gotten back to the “backorder”… but it is a good phone… so… I hope other companies soon catch up on the technology quality Apple has (HP seems to be getting close for Windows-based machines), because in the costumer care side Apple is stupid…

Is it really all about the users?

I have been really disappointed with the whole sales process for the iPhone 3G. While Apple’s design and advance technologies are impressive, it is fairly disappointing that they still don’t understand it is about the costumer. We’re in the era of the prosumers, crowdsourcing. The whole iMonopoly or is a practice that (help me out here those who understand economy) might not work in the future. People want freedom, they are paying for a product, they want to use it the way they want to. Why impose a limit of 1 device per user at all costs? They had plenty of time to get the amount of iPhones out there in the market, but they prefer to control the market (even knowing that their costumers will pay for it anyway).

When you call AT&T stores, the automated message says you should “get iReady before going to the stores due to high demand”… well, maybe Apple and AT&T should have gotten their iAct together before starting sales, iTested the servers, and given better iCostumer treatment. Instead of trying to turn everyone into iSuckers by asking them wait for ours to them find out they don’t have enough devices or that they can’t iActivate the phone. And what a tasteless pun: “iReady”… ha    ha… 

Why not offer the same activation options as AT&T? My wife and I have a discount on our plan which can only be maintained if we buy the iPhone at the AT&T store. To get it activated at the Apple Store we’d have to deactivate the discount to then, call AT&T to reactivate the discount on our plan.

Anyways, Apple needs to stop having this attitude of iCanDoWhatever because they will still buy my products… it is all about the customers and I have encountered quite a few people that are upset with Apples policies and services lately… the whole MacBook Intel systems haven’t really been the “greatest” thin on Earth… anyway…

“i” am starting not to like Apple as much… already iHated iPhoto, for instance… now it’s worse…

iPhone 2.0 Applications

Has anyone been surprised by the new iPhone apps?

Some amazing ones…

Like Loopt.com that lets you know where your friends are on a Google map…

Others like Evernote.com that let you take photo notes, audio notes, etc (all sync’ed to your profile on their website)…

One of my favorites is the Shazam app which RECOGNIZES a song when you play it next to yourt phone and tells you the title, artist, album AND lets you buy right there… :) Amazing… So, when you are preparing some learnign material that you need THAT song that is playing on the radio but you don’t know its name: Shazam!

Cool apps… I even use the iPhone as a book light now ;)

Hold Off on the iPhone 3G?

An article by Ben Patterson on Yahoo! Tech has case some buzz on the Web lately. It’s title: “5 Reasons to Hold Off on the iPhone 3G”.

While I agree with him on some points and disagree on others (I love freedom of speech), I feel like I need to respond to his article:

1. Shortages are unlikely

I agree on this one, if there reason you are camping outside an Apple store to get your new iPhone 3G, forget it. Unless you want to be known as “that guy” on the local news, there is no need to hurry…

2. Chaos on Day One

Totally agree that the new activation method (over the counter and not iTunes) might be a little bit of a stressful change, especially for the Apple stores, which are not used to processing phone contracts. Patterson is right: it might be a bit chaotic that first week.

3. 32GB iPhone 3G on the horizon

I disagree on this one. Why is a bigger storage number going to keep you from getting a gadget these days? They are always going up on storage, email, hard drives, video game consoles, SD cards, even the brain size… You are going to have to have an outdated gadget in a few months no matter what. Also, why do you need more than 8GB for a PHONE?

4. Best new iPhone features are coming to the original iPhone

Agree and disagree. While I don’t want to miss a call because I am looking at the GPS on my iPhone, I do think that the faster internet will be a big deal here. But the price in the long run is worse for this service package… IT might be good to keep the old iPhone for some reasons but bad for others…

5. The HTC Touch Diamond

I agree we shouldn’t get all excited about the iPhone being the ultimate phone and turn a blind eye to new technologies out there. But I do think that the iPhone, for many reasons and for different audiences might be the best one out there today…

The biggest reasons to hold off on the new iPhone to me really are:

1. the price of the new service package with the faster 3G connection

2. I forgot which one was number 2

Sell Your Old iPhone and Get Paid Enough to Buy the iPhone 2.0

As highlighted on TechCrunch and other technology blogs, some companies are buying or helping you sell your old iPhone. Not so surprisingly, you can almost make as much money as necessary to buy the new iPhone model coming out July 11. Why? Well, as TechCrunch explains in this post, the market for the old version of iPhone that is more compatible with service providers other than At&T will still crave for the old version of the iPhone which doesn’t offer the 3G connection (which is, by the way more expensive than Edge, the one you have right now).

So, get ready to sell the old one and upgrade to the new iPhone 3G without losing much money. An let’s explore this upgraded platform to create learning applications!



The 3G iPhone as a More Versatile Mobile Platform

The new iPhone 3G is bound to take an incredible new step toward more freedom for the user. While the first versions of the mobile device (I’m hesitant to call it a phone) were pre-loaded with applications and wouldn’t let the users add more unless were willing to risk their device’s “health” to jail-break it and install third party apps, the only official but “crippled” option was to download a link to a Web App (Web Apps are self-explanatory: applications that run on the Web and not on your local machine/phone).

Besides the 3G Wi-Fi speed, the new iPhone will offer the ability to actually download and install new applications. Apple already has a website up explaining that and they have some examples of applications on their website. The release of their Software Development Kit (SDK) is promising to the educational world also for the freedom it gives developers to create learning applications that work natively on the iPhone.

Some examples of applications they highlight on the Apps Store website include Microsoft Exchange capabilities (push mail)

Loops, an application that lets you find your friends on a Google map mash-up.

And the innovative Super Monkey Ball, which responds to your movements by means of the Accelerometer (movement detector on the iPhone) to create a more “interactive” experience. This has a lot of potential for serious games…Super Monkey Ball

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