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Value of Humor And Play – Max Levin

Need I say more about how important it is to bring humor and play into Education?

“If play were not pleasurable,
kíttens would never chase each other’s tails, and so would lack
practice in the motor skills needed for survival. If there were no
pleasure in the appreciation of the absurd, if there were no fun
in playing with ideas, putting them together in various combinations and seeing what makes sense or nonsense—in brief, if there were not such a thing as humor—children would lack
practice in the art of thinking, the most complex and most
powerful survival tool of all.” – Max Levin

Museum of Me – a Visualization of Your (online) Social Life

Intel’s Museum of Me is a must-see exhibition of a famous online personality: you.
It pull videos, photos, “likes”, friends, and other information about you on Facebook (with tour permission) and organizes a (fake, you didn’t think they’d really open a museum with photos of you, right?) exhibit featuring your data. Pretty interesting visualization… Will they also include Twitter and others soon?




Funny Amazon Product Reviews – Learn From Them

It is true, with the World Wide Web invading everyone’s homes and pockets with handheld devices everyone has a chance to be a comedian these days. Posts like this listing funny Amazon product reviews are popular these days. This post from Geekosystem collects even more creative reviews; 50 of them, to be more exact!

There’s always something we can learn from these funny, sarcastic, witty product reviews. Perhaps the most important one is that fun(ny) is something people enjoy. Oftentimes we tend to view learners as beings that need instruction in the most formal ways to ensure they learn what we want them to learn /period/. And I’m talking about formalities here, not a formal v.s informal learning discussion, please).  But we are all learners who enjoy a good laugh… and why thake that away from the learning process?

Now, we can also learn a lot about creative writing when reading product reviews on Amazon. One of my favorites is the sarcasm-filled The Lost Symbol review by  a user Valannin “Pantheon Outcast” which might be more creatively written than the reviewed book itself. Yes, he or she did leave a hidden message in the review à la Dan Brown.

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