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iBooks Author for Mac

Apple changes the publishing business once again. Sure there are other formats and authoring tools which are supported in iBooks, but this is different: an application that fits tightly in the Apple ecosystem, and as is normally the case with Apple products, simple.

Apple unveiled this new tool in their Apple Education event in NYC. Here are some highlights and features:

Integration with other Apple products and workflow

Template gallery

Drag-and-drop editing

Embedding and customization of elements such as galleries

Support for JavaScript

Support for HTML5

iPad simulator/preview

Accessibility support

Support for widgets

Apple says on their website:

Available free on the Mac App store, iBooks Author is an amazing new app that allows anyone to create beautiful Multi-Touch textbooks — and just about any other kind of book — for iPad. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could.

Did I say it is free of charge on the Mac App Store?

This application should facilitate the process for creating custom interactive eBooks that play well, natively, in Apple (and perhaps other) devices. Now all one needs is creativity…

One of the sources: The Official Apple Website, and TheNextWeb.

HTML for Babies [BOOK]

If this is not the epitome of our era, in which kids are exposed earlier and earlier to various technological innovations, I’m not sure what is.

A great idea by Web designer John Vanden-Heuvel from CodeBabies.

This visually simple, yet stunning book is designed for the “children’s books” section of retailers, but I’m sure geek parents might have more fun with the book than the kids would (not that babies would’t love playing with the colorful letters of the book). If only Tim Berners-Lee had one of these when he was 6 months old…

HTML for Babies can be found on Amazon.

Book Description

It’s never too early to be standards compliant! Show your little ones HTML markup code along with letter forms to get them started on the visual patterns and symbols that make up the essential building blocks of the Web. The first in a three-volume set, originally designed by a NYC Web Designer for his baby, this beautiful book is a fun and colorful introduction to the world of web design for babies.
I’ve guaranteed my copy of HTML for Babies, and eagerly await the release of CSS for Infants, Java for Toddlers… oh well…

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