Windows 8 Sneak Peek – OS Convergence of Mobile and Desktop?

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The Mashable team just posted a link to a video in which Jensen Harris, director if PM for the Windows User Experience team at Microsoft, goes over some of the new features of the future Windows 7 successor.
If anything, this video is serves as a good clue to how primarily desktop-focused Operating System developers are learning about what users would like to experience in their OS… and this learning seems to come from mobile platforms such as those of the Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.
When new modes of interactivity such as touch and other gestures, along with simplicity in switching between applications make their way into such an “old” OS, we know there’s something to be said about how people are starting to interact differently with their systems.

This convergence is not happening in terms of how we easily move from Desktop to laptop, to mobile devices, but also in how we can learn to interact with a given system once and apply that to all devices. Also, in a slightly different sense, we’re seeing a tendency for convergence to take place in how we expect our experiences to be seamless as we navigate from device to device (mobile to desktop and vice-versa), as we continue to watch a show that on a  second device after watching the first part on another: and we expect the experiences, the way we interact with both devices, to be seamless, intuitive, similar.

What’s next? Windows 8 tablets?


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