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Google For Educators

Google has an area dedicated to Education called Google for Educators which provides news, resources and tools for the classroom. Featuring information about events and opportunities for educators and students, tutorials and testimonials around Google applications and how they can be used in educational contexts. Teachers will also be able to find classroom materials and lessons plans to help them plan and deliver lessons in specific content areas using Google tools.

The website includes, for example, a section dedicated to “tools” in two categories: “Search” and “Communicate, Show & Share”.

From the Google:

“At Google, we support teachers in their efforts to empower students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. That’s why we’ve assembled the information and tools you’ll find on this page.”

Google Apps Education

Thinkbalm’s Enterprise Immersive Software Decision Guide

Thinkbalm just published this short but informative guide on immersive software for the enterprise. A recommended read for those looking for an overview of solutions in virtual world solutions out there.

From Thinkbalm’s announcement we have:

The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide was designed to help business decision makers recognize and adapt to the challenges of choosing the right enterprise immersive software. It is a use case-based guide that presents “if/then” scenarios and highlights good-fit software vendors for common situations. The report offers guidance on how to: 1) ask core business questions to frame the discussion, 2) choose a research-and-demo, do-it-yourself, or combination approach, 3) identify requirements based on your use case, and 4) filter your options based on important limiters. The following vendors are covered in the report: A World for Us, Altadyn, American Research Institute, Inc., Amphisocial, Avaya, Forterra Systems, IBM, InXpo, Linden Lab, ON24, ProtonMedia, ReactionGrid, Rivers Run Red, Sun Microsystems, Teleplace, Unisfair, VastPark, VenueGen, and Virtual Italian Parks.”

Click this link to learn more about the report. Or click here to download it directly as a PDF document.

Second Life’s Decline? – Whatever Happened to Second Life?

This post by Barry Collins for PCPro highlights the author’s adventures in Second Life and the decline of his interest in the virtual world. As many of us when we first get into something new and cool, he a peak of interest which then started to turn into boredom as he experienced and saw more of the same every time he walked into the world of Second Life.

The last points he raises such as goals and rewards would probably make users stay in Second Life longer. Besides the social interaction and some interactive attractions in Second Life, there is not much to it if designers/developers don’t put much effort in creating new experiences rather then only replicating what we already see in real life.

Article by Avatar Languages – 3D Virtual Worlds for Language Learning

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