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Social Networks Around the World – Trends in Social Media

This map published on TechCrunch recently just makes me wonder if we are doing the right thing when using social networking to reach our customers, learners, partners.

It seems to me most of our “campaigns” in social media tend to focus on Twitter, Facebook and social networks that are popular here in the U.S. With an increasingly global audience, should we start to reconsider where and how we offer our content out there?

Map of Social Networks in the Worlds

Map of Social Networks in the Worlds’s Survey:

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A visual representation of how Internet users actually use the social media can be found here.

Enzo’s Weekly Twitter Updates

Watch Le Web Live December 10 2009

About Le Web:

“The real time web is taking the world by storm! Twitter has grown exponentially in one year with an extremely simple service that does only one thing: keep you in touch with what your friends are doing, in real time. Facebook entirely redesigned its most important assets, its home page and opened its feed to third parties. Given the growth of the Twitter and Facebook ecosystems with thousands of applications and new uses, startups as well all major players are adapting their services to compete in this environment. There was the static web, the social web and now here comes a new web: the real-time web.”

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

Ustream – Broadcast Events Live From Your iPhone

Ustream just changed the way we broadcast events to our crowds.

With their newly released Broadcaster application for the iPhone you can use your iPhone’s camera to broadcast any event right into your interactive UStream channel. Polls can also be started and closed from within the iPhone app.

A great service to try in todays virtual workspaces, to teach a class, or simply to include a friend in some event they can’t be attend.

Enzo’s Weekly Twitter Updates

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