Augmented Reality and Learning

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The dawn of augmented reality on a consumer level presents many possibilities for marketing, tourism and virtually any area of expertise. But what would be its impact in Education and learning in general?
Would the possibility of adding a layer of information and rich media atop an individual’s view of the world via his/her mobile device’s camera mean we are taking the next step toward “push” mobile learning (information automatically being displayed as available at the learners’ location)?

This could mean 2 things, at least:

1. Information readily available about places, people, objects anywhere, anytime.
2. Not just information devouring but also real, contextual learning opportunities via an immediate 4-dimensional, layered view of the world.

With easy access, people can start gathering information on just about anything and any place on Earth and make that readily available for others walking the path that has been covered with digital breadcrumbs.

With augmented reality on mobile devices, the world becomes one more layer  with overlapped layers of information just-in-time and in real time.


Instructional Designer, learner...

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