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Comics and Learning

Comic books have been used as methods to inform and entertain for quite a long time. Many individuals and companies use comic strips to produce brochures and other types of informative material to a given audience. A recent example is the web browser Google Chrome and it’s introductory comic book.

Here is an interesting post about using comics in the classroom. This post refers to using comics to teach Science, specifically. Of course this can be translated into other environments where learning occurs as well…

Barack Obama, Second Life and Innovation?

According to this post, our president elect Barack Obama not only made good use of the Web and social media to raise funds and awareness for his campaign, now he also wants to keep using new technologies to help create “a more open” government that the people can “touch”.

He invited 2 innovators that are very active in Second Life to be part of his “Innovation Agenda” group: IBM’s Irving Wladawsky-Berger and New York Law School professor Beth Noveck .

I wonder what this committee is going to come up with or how (and if) they will influence technology adoption issues (i.e. adoption of Web 2.0 tools in the public school system, funding for programs that involve emerging technologies applied to learning, etc.).

For one thing, let’s see if our RL (real life) economy will prosper as much as SL’s (Second Life)…

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