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Mygazines is an online, simple yet comprehensive magazine archive. User upload, share, bookmark, send via email, comment on and, of course, read articles from magazines from all over the world. All this is a very sleek interface. First the user logs in and searches for a magazine they want to read, then they click on “read” and the magazine pops up on the screen in form of an elegant and feature-rich “flipbook”. The quality of the material is fantastic! Users can also use their keyboard arrows to browse through the pages of the flipbook.

Here are some of the features of the flipbooks (more info on their “flipbook help” page):

Just like anywhere on, from any page in the flipbook you can:

 rate an article (you must be logged in)
 comment on an article (you must be logged in)
 save an article to a mygazine collection (you must be logged in)
 share with friends (you must be logged in)
 social bookmark to your favorite site
 email an article to your friend
 tag article with unique keywords (you must be logged in and have permission)


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