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Shoout’em – White Label Mobile Social Network

What can a service like Shout’em do for mobile learning? Mobile learning is a concept that has been getting stronger lately with the advent of improved functionalities in mobile operating systems such as Android and the increasing quality of mobile devices (phones, PDAs, iPhone).

ShoutEmShoutEm Logo

As learning goes more mobile and just-in-time, demand will increase for services that offer more robust solutions for mobile operating systems, like the social networking capabilities Shout’em offers (the Ning.com for mobile platforms as they call themselves). This type of services will create even more collaborative learning experiences and facilitate reaching the learners where they are…

Matt – Building a Web Application in 32 Hours

I have to admit that,typos aside, TechCrunch remains one of my favorite sources of information on technology, especially Web technologies. I suppose that unmerciful deadlines and the increasing speed of publication everyone ends up committing some spelling mistakes (I have noticed this especially in academic press). Well, let’s not get into that. TechCrunch and other tech blogs are still a good source of information if you want to stay informed on the latest technologies that can impact you somehow.

All of us that are involved with Instructional Design somehow (instructional designers, teachers, programmer, learners) can benefit from adopting or developing emerging technologies. At least playing with it…

Personal conversations with Thiagi, an expert in training and instructional design, reinforced even more my belief in quick but “quality” development.

Here is the most recent post from Ryan Carson, when invited to post on TechCrunch.com. In this post he discusses the process he and his colleagues from Carsonified Design underwent to design, develop and implement a simple Web application called Matt (a multi-account Twitter Tweeter) in 32 hours. The original post has valuable tips for quick application development such as:

  1. The best boost you can give you or your team is to provide the time to be creative. Turning off your phones and email and just focusing on something new and exciting will do wonders for your energy level.
  2. It could generate some amazing buzz around you and your company or products.
  3. You’ll come back to your current projects with a new perspective and renewed energy.
  4. It will push your team to learn new skills. For example, Will, our head of sponsor relationships, spent the whole week doing PR – something new for him.

Can we apply these principles (and others which Ryan’s team experimented with) when developing learning technologies and applications? Have you had a similar experience Let’s share it here.

Matt Carsonified

PS.: you can find a video tour of “Matt” on their main page. If you look for “Matt Carsonified” on Youtube, you will find some videos they created throughout their “Matt 1 week”.

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