Monthly Archive: April 2008

Digital Divide 2.0

Everyone is talking about Web 2.0 and how everyone has a voice, even I have suggested that in blog posts, company training designs and school work (yes I am a graduate student wishing he…

Socrato – Crowdsourcing Test Preparation

Great initiative. Even though there are other websites of the kind, Socrato adds some extra features such as the uploading of PDF and Word files. [youtube=]    

Web 2.0 in Focus

Specialists and Web buffs discuss their point of view of what Web 2.0 technologies have to offer. Some discussion of what Web 2.0 is or is not is also present in this 50-minute video….

Physics in Second Life?

Havok4, the “physics” engine in Second Life still has some flaws. But is it possible to teach physics in Second Life? Interesting posts highlighted here.

MUVEs in Education

Edusim – as seen on their website, this application is great for interactive whiteboards (Smartboards and Promethean boards). Easy for anyone to use. [youtube=] OpenSim – more advanced solution that allows users to create “Second Life-like”…

The Long Tail

This article by Anderson explains clearly how Web 2.0 is about reaching for people that couldn’t be reached as easily before APIs ad other Web 2.0 concepts and tools came about. This concept of…